CPD for Managers:


Duration of the course: 8 hours

Course Details

Course Details

This programme provides the learner with knowledge of the various methods and techniques used to assess the development of their own skills that are required to support the achievement of strategic direction of the organization. It will enable learners to take responsibility for their learning and development needs (personal and professional) in line with strategic direction of an organisation. This will be achieved through in depth analysing of current skills and preparing and implementing a personal development plan.

The programme will provide knowledge and understanding on how to

  • assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals
  • conduct a skills audit to identify learning needs and personal learning style
  • implement a personal development plan

Target audience

The programme is suitable for current and future Team Leaders, Mangers, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Executives and Team leaders and anyone else who is or will be responsible for managing people and projects.

Training Content

  • Using different methods to evaluate personal skills
  • Appling techniques to assess the professional skills
  • Carry out a skills audit to evaluate the skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.
  • Techniques to identify preferred learning style
  • Constructing a personal development plan that meets identified requirements
  • Assessing the outcomes of a personal development plan
  • How to Evaluate the impact of own


The CPD for Managers programme for current and prospective Managers has a duration of eight (8) contact hours

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