Human Resource Management:


Duration of the course: 20 hours

Course Details

Course Details

Human Resource Management is described as an operation in companies designed to maximize employee performance in order to meet the employer’s strategic goals and objectives. More precisely, HRM focuses on management of people within companies and having appropriate HR policies and systems. The programme is aimed to develop learners’ understanding of people management and development. It will examine and critically evaluate the purpose and objectives of human resource management. The programme will provide knowledge and understanding of:

  • the role of the Human Resource function in contemporary organisations,
  • the goals of Human Resource management, and
  • the correlation between organisational performance and management of Human Resources.

Target audience

The programme is suitable for current and future Human Resource generalists, Managers, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Executives and Team leaders and anyone else who is or will be responsible for the engagement, contribution, and productivity of their reporting staff members.

Training Content

  • HRM defined
  • Changing perspectives of HRM (evolution of HRM),
  • Role of HR function in contemporary organisation,
  • Contribution of HRM to achievement of organisational objectives,
  • The role of HR in relation to effective change management,
  • How HR contributes to professional and ethical principles within an organisation,
  • Methods of evaluating HR function,
  • HRM Models,
  • Investment in human capital on organisational performance,
  • Strategic HR planning,
  • HR Policy development,
  • Approaches used to evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function.


The Human Resource Management programme has a total duration of twenty (20) contact hours.

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