Motivating Employees:


Duration of the course: 6 hours

Course Details

Course Details

Motivation is a key to any successful people management role. If you can encourage, persuade or develop your people in such ways as to improve their effectiveness, then the role of manager is seen as successful. Increasingly, as managers have to be super professionals in addition to their managerial responsibilities, it is even more important that motivation is achieved. This course will enable participants to understand:

  • How personal needs affects motivation
  • What is motivation? The contemporary theories of motivation?
  • How can managers motivate employees?

Target Audience

This course is valuable for Managers, Leaders and Supervisory staff and those with responsibility for managing the performance of others.

Training Content

  • Describe the link between personal needs and motivation
  • How Motivators are affected by personality type
  • Define the key concepts associated with employee motivation and explain the role of motivation in the workplace
  • What is motivation?
  • How individual needs help one to be motivated?
  • What are the contemporary theories of motivation?
  • How can managers motivate employees?
  • What are some current issues in motivation?


The Personality and Motivation course has a total duration of six (6) hours.

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