Risk Management


Duration of the course: 8 hours

Course Details

Course Details

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of how to implement strategies by employing and developing resources and capabilities within their organisational context, that address issues of business continuity, crisis management and more broadly enterprise risk management.

Target Audience

The programme is aimed at employees who from time to time are required to manage people and/or projects and as such are required to have an understanding of what constitutes risk and how to manage risk with the work setting.

Training Content

  • Defining risk
  • What leads to uncertainty
  • Identifying and assessing risk – Risk Management
  • Risk management systems in an enterprise
  • Influences on risk management processes
  • Measuring risk and risk impact
  • Risk management and containment strategies
  • Risk transfer
  • Risk management and performance


The Risk Management course has a total duration of eight (8) contact hours.

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