Training the Trainer


Duration of the course: 20 hours

Course Details

Course Details

Training the Trainer (Accredited by MFHEA) – leading to an MQF (EQF) level 4 Award

The Train the Trainer programme is designed for learners who wish to develop their training skills and confidence to teach adult learners. The programme provides theoretical knowledge and practical experience on how to create training programs, deliver effective and engaging presentations, how to develop and administer assessment tools, understanding the various types of learning styles and more.

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Define learning and training and its relevance to the organisation.
  • Identify organisational requirements and the learning needs of individuals / groups.
  • Design effective training programs.
  • Understand the various methodologies and different delivery techniques.
  • Deliver effective training.
  • Describe the barriers and hindrances towards learning / training.
  • Describe the trainer’s role in an organisation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training.

Target Audience

The programme is aimed at employees who from time to time are required to train others, current and would be trainers, managers, human resource development generalists, and technical specialists who have input or make decisions about training.

Training Content

  • Training – The purpose of Training and Training Defined
  • The learning process and learning theories
  • Adult learning process and enhancing learning
  • The Training Cycle
  • Analysing Training Needs – Identifying job requirements, participants ‘and organisational needs
  • Defining and writing Learning and Behavioral objectives
  • Planning and preparing for sessions that facilitate the learning process
  • Designing resources that meet the learning styles of participants
  • Characteristics of a good trainer that ensure effective Training sessions
  • Motivation issues
  • Assessing learning – Evaluation and Analysing Training Effectiveness


The Train the Trainer programme has a duration of 20 hours and is formally recognised as leading to an MQF (EQF) level 4 Award.


To obtain the Award, participants will be required present a proposal for a training programme that would meet the needs of the organization and deliver a short presentation at the end of the programme.


Participants in this training programme qualify for a subsidy under the Get Qualified Scheme managed by Malta Enterprise.

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